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I give you Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauce and Garden Spray.
. Nothing like spicing up your food and keeping the critters out of your garden at the same time.
How do they do it???? 03-31-06 10:31
I'm absolutely astounded. I just went to check ticket prices for Dave Matthews cuz they are playing at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion in a few weeks. The least expensive ticket is $80.00 for the LAWN. I will not pay $80 for the privilege of sitting on the grass. I think the front and center seats were something like $185. Then I decided to see how much the Def Leppard With Journey Tickets were.

There are NO lawn seats for this show and the CHEAPEST ticket was $265. Def Leppard is good, but they really haven't had a big hit that I know in the last 10 or so years. And I would only be interested in seeing Journey if Steve Perry were still their front man and that ain't happening, and Journey hasn't had a big hit in probably 20 years.

There are very few bands that I would even consider worth that kind of money to see and Def Leppard is not one of them. Pink Floyd with Roger Waters I would definitely pay that kind of money if not more to see. Billy Joel - without a doubt.

What I really want to know how people can afford to go to these shows?????
For you Star Wars Fans 03-28-06 12:44
tee hee 03-28-06 07:33
because Avyakata has put up iceland's Museum of Phallology. I give you the Museum of Menstruation or as it is affectionately registered as.
Not much to report 03-27-06 10:25
This weekend was R.'s Birthday and I got him Microsoft Street's and Trips with the GPS locator. I did well with this present because I knew it was something he really wanted and well the geek in me just appreciates the technology.

Got into an interesting conversation with R. about what we want. he mentioned how he's jealous that my ex-hubby got the "good body" when I was 21 and weighed 60 lbs less than I do. I told him I will never be 21 again and while I might weigh that again some day, I will never be that young again.

I mentioned this on another board that I frequent and one of my friend's there said that if it would ahve been her boyfriend that she would have kicked him to the door for that comment. First off, if R wasn't happy with who I was, he wouldn't be with me. Second, in the grand scheme of things, how I look is a minor thing - I'm happy that R and I have an honest relationship where we can tell each other how we feel - Does it mean it's painless?? Nope. But I'd rather have that kind of honesty than not. I experienced a total lack of honesty with my ex-fiance - he flat out lied to me about us getting married and he cheated on me several times while we were together. With R. I don't worry about either of those things in the least.

I hate being sick 03-24-06 06:16
Yesterday was spent in bed or laying on the couch. I felt horrid. I'm such a wimp when I am sick.
03-22-06 08:27
I feel so much better since I started running, plus I am already losing inches. K., one of the gals I work with, said you can definitely see it in my pants.

Last night was hectic but fun. Right after I got off the bus, I talked to my baby brother for a while. He's getting excited about moving back down to the lower 48 in June and is going to be at Mom's over the 4th of July. So it looks like I am going to go home for the 4th again. I had to go pick up B.'s Birthday Present and my birth control. Evidently Frys hasn't cancelled my insurance yet. I only had to pay $20 for my nuvaring. I'm sure I will get a bill from the insurance company at some point.

I got home about 20 minutes before B. got to the apartment. I was changed and in my running clothes before he got there, but I didn't eat until 7 and I was really afraid I was going to yak while we were running.

My endurance is definitely getting better. I'm able to go further each time we run. And I discovered that the definition in my arm muscle is coming back from the push ups we are doing. It's good to see the changes coming quickly.

Once we got back from the Run, I started doing the Yoga Zone's Yoga for Beginners DVD. Some of the poses I can do and some I can't. I can't do the sitting on the shins thing that they did because there's just too much fat on my legs right now, although B. swears its the muscles in my calves. So at one point I am doing a pose called 4 corner table and my arms gave out and I just fell to the floor. I just laid there and laughed. There's nothing else to do when something like that happens.

B. joined me for the second half of the video. B. doing Yoga is hysterical. The man is not bendy at all and he'll start screaming at the instructor about shutting up about the healthful benefits and just telling him what he needs to know. It's hard to hold a yoga pose and laugh at the same time.

But the best thing happened when he got up off the floor to go do calf raises off of the hearth. A piece of white fluff fell from between his legs. It looked like he was shitting white fluff. I got the giggles so hard that I was sprawled out on the couch, crying and laughing at the same time.

Then came his turn to laugh at me. I bent over to get the DVD out of the DVD Player and qeefed. B. was laughing so hard, he was propping himself up against the kitchen door jam. For whatever reason, he thinks my ability to fart is amazing.

Ahh the things that amuse us.
Where's My Cane? 03-21-06 11:38
I got out of bed like an old woman this morning. When the hell did it start hurting when I got out of bed?

R. came over last night and we went running. It was a good run. I can tell that my endurance is improving. I actually made it up the one inclined curve and around the corner at the top without dying. I'm proud of myself because I've done some form of exercise 5 out of the last 7 evenings. It was a beautiful night last night too. All the haze had cleared out and everything was crisp. I could even see the big dipper clearly last night.

The apartment was stuffy when I got back. R. ended up opening all the windows in the apartment because it was really nice last night and we were hot from running. At one point he, me, and the cat were all laying on the floor, recovering. It was pretty funny actually. R. and I were laying there panting and Simba was positioning himself for a neck scritch. Once we recovered, we did our nightly round of sit-ups, push-ups and calf raises.
While Simba looked down at us from the bed with this look on his face that said "What on earth are you doing?" Nothing like a little cat scorn to make the night complete.

The calf-raises about did me in. I was walking funny at the end of them.
Sad today 03-20-06 09:48
A very dear friend of mine is going through a really rotten time with her husband of 30+ years. He's been running around on her with not 1 but 2 women. He says he wants to get back with her but doesn't want to be accountable for his actions. Plus in order for her to even consider coming back, he needs to work on selling their house and the realtor told them this week that they can't sell the house without putting MAJOR Work in on it.

This reminds me so much of when my parents got divorced, except my dad at least had the balls to tell my mom he was leaving. He didn't lie to her and tell her that he was willing to work on it he's not. It just makes me really sad to think about all this.

Wellll 03-20-06 06:23
I managed to irritate R. last night. It wasn't intended but it happened regardless.

We started running last week which also means we spend more time together - which I absolutely enjoy. But the down side is that running time comes right after he gets off work and he gets to my place between 8-8:30 pm and thats the middle of when I am usually productive for my other clients or whatever project I have going on for the house. SOOOOO I'm having to make some adjustments so I feel like I am getting all that I need to done and still able to spend time with him.
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